The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) offers Ride on Roller Training Courses designed specifically for operatives working with ride on rollers. These courses provide comprehensive training in both practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary for operating a ride on roller, culminating in the CPCS technical test.

Operatives are categorised based on their experience level:

  • Those with less than 2 years of consistent experience must enroll in the Foundation/Novice course.
  • Operatives with over 2 years of recent and consistent experience are eligible for the Experienced Worker course.

Both courses result in the same certification, the Red CPCS card for this category. However, the Experienced Worker course is slightly shorter in duration and covers the material with less depth compared to the Foundation CPCS training courses.

Before attending the course, all delegates must have passed the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test within the past 2 years. Those who obtain the CPCS Red Card must undergo retraining within 2 years to maintain their qualification, or they can pursue the NVQ in Plant Operations to upgrade to the Blue Competence CPCS card.

Course Outline

A Ride on Roller training course ensures that those operating Ride on Rollers are competently and safely trained to carry out the role.


  • Pre and post use checks of the machinery
  • Identify the basic construction, purpose and function of various components
  • Set the roller for site travel
  • Show they can competently manoeuvre the roller in confined areas using both forward and reverse directions
  • Place the roller in an “out of service” condition
  • Recognise and state conditions that may cause the roller to become unstable, plus safety procedures when compacting on an incline
  • Prepare areas prior to compacting

On Completion

Upon successful completion and achievement of this course, learners will be awarded a red CPCS trained operators card.

Who Should Attend?

The 4 day course is aimed at people with limited or no experience of operating a ride on roller.

Course Duration

4 days for individuals with limited experience

Experienced operators may be able to complete with a condensed course.