At Hercules Construction Academy, we take pride in our diverse range of accredited programmes that cater to aspiring professionals and industry personnel alike. Whether individuals are seeking specialised technical training in areas such as plant operation, health and safety, utilities, and bespoke industry courses, or they are interested in enhancing their skills in general workforce management, we have the perfect course to suit their needs. Our facilities replicate the modern construction site giving learners a safe environment to train and qualify as site ready. We place competency at the forefront of our training, revisiting and checking the skills of the workforce is paramount to every employer to maintain the highest level of health and safety.

Our academy’s mission sets us apart as we believe that practical experience is key to honing a trainee’s abilities in the construction field. Under the guidance of our experienced trainers, learners actively participate in real-world projects, learning through immersive experiences that mirror the challenges they will encounter in their future careers. We aim to ensure that we inspire learning, ignite talent and empower the workforce of the future to retain suitably qualified personnel within the construction industry.

Through an innovative and collaborative approach, we will generate, build and sustain a world class service and delivery which will leave a legacy for future generations.


We proudly announce the forthcoming launch of our Construction Training Academy, scheduled for Spring 2024. Committed to excellence and innovation, our academy aims to redefine industry standards by providing an unparalleled educational experience for aspiring professionals in the construction sector. With a focus on comprehensive skill development, our curriculum seamlessly blends theoretical instruction with hands-on training, ensuring learners are equipped for the complexities of the modern construction landscape.



Our Construction Academy is ideal for anyone aspiring to enter the construction industry. Catering to all skill levels, we offer versatile learning options including in-person and online formats. From short courses to apprenticeships we have your learning journey covered.


Our academy is committed to providing you with the tools to advance your skillset in new and emerging technologies. We offer a tailored approach to learning that prepares you for the evolving job market, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.


Connect with like-minded individuals and industry professionals through our Construction Academy’s vibrant community. Training with us will open up a world of possibilities within the industry. Our dedicated recruitment team are on hand to support you as you enter the industry.


Unlock your full potential and develop your expertise through hands-on training from experienced instructors. Take your career to the next level by enhancing your current skills and developing new ones. Our engaging curriculum will set you apart from the competition.

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