Alongside raising awareness of the dangers caused by moving vehicles in construction, this comprehensive course will outline the hierarchy of controlling plant and vehicle movement on site.
Delegates will gain an in-depth understanding of how to implement these control measures effectively. The course will cover key principles of safe movement, emphasizing the importance of planning and coordination. Special attention will be given to the safe reversing of vehicles on site, including practical techniques and strategies to minimize risks.
Participants will also engage in practical exercises and scenarios to apply these principles, ensuring they are well-prepared to manage vehicle movement safely in their own work environments

The course is limited to a maximum of six delegates unless prior approval is obtained from Hercules.

It will be conducted over a single day and includes both theoretical instruction and practical, hands-on activities. The theoretical components are enhanced by a detailed course presentation.

The practical assessment will take place as part of the one-day training course. To achieve the practical outcomes of the course, each delegate will have to demonstrate they are able to safely marshal a vehicle as per the traffic management plan.

The practical assessment is not time-bound. Assessment decisions must be recorded in full by the Trainer on the Course Completion Form.