The CPCS Dumper Driver Course is aimed at operators of forward tipping dumpers. The course covers both the theoretical and practical elements of the dumper, with a view to passing the CPCS technical test.

Whilst both novice and experienced workers are eligible for this course, we would recommend that those who have previous experience, typically 2 or more years’ constant and recent experience, apply for an Experienced Worker CPCS course. All delegates must have passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test no more than two years before the course start date.

Successful candidates who pass the CPCS Dumper Training course will receive the CPCS Red Card (Trained Operator) for this category, which is valid for 2 years.

This course can be delivered at the academy or on site if conditions are suitable.

Course Outline

A typical novice A09 forward tipping dumper course would include both theoretical and practical training designed to ensure operators carry out safe operation of the plant machinery at all times.

  • Developing skills and knowledge associated with the dumper, including how diesel engines work and how the machine operates
  • Site safety awareness
  • Operating safety code and precautions
  • Control familiarisation
  • Pre-start checks and refuelling – this will include preparing the machine to travel on public roads
  • Operating practices, both laden and unladen
  • Loading and unloading practices

The CPCS Forward Tipping Dumper course can be run on its own but is often combined with the  Ride on Roller category

On Completion

Upon successful completion and achievement of this course, learners will be awarded a CPCS red trained operators card

Who Should Attend?

4 day course is aimed at workers with limited or no experience of operating a forward tipping dumper.

Course Duration

4 days for individuals with limited or no experience

Experienced operators may be able to complete with a condensed course