Accredited to the Energy and Utility Skills Register (EUSR)

Incidents and damage to underground utilities have risen massively, 31% construction workers to be precise are risking their lives by being inadequately trained on safe excavation on site.

New research by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) have found that in the last 5 years, 354 people have suffered life changing injuries due to incompetency in excavating and striking a live underground electricity cable. The failure to check for underground services during these excavations is due to a skill gap in the industry.

Our comprehensive training programme is focused on reducing the risks of industry accidents when carrying out excavating practices. Our experienced team of trainers can support any candidate, regardless of their experience, to locate and identify services and any associated risks, whilst developing a good understanding of the latest health, safety, and environmental legislations.

Using a blended approach of onsite practical learning and theory in a classroom environment, our courses place a strong emphasis on safety to ensure candidates develop the right skills to keep everyone safe from the risk of an injury on site when digging using hand tools or power tools.

This course can be delivered at the academy or on site if conditions are suitable.

Course Outline

This course has been designed to cover the following areas:

Category 2: Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices covers the minimum training and assessment required for those working to safely excavate and maintain holes and trenches using both hand tools and hand-held power tools. The standard has been derived from the following National Occupational Standards:

  • EUSEPUS043 Carry out Excavation Work on Underground Cables in Electricity Power Environment
  • EUSMUNC07 Excavate and Maintain Holes and Trenches for Utility Networks Construction
  • EUSGNC007 Excavate and Maintain Holes and Trenches for Complex Operations in Gas Network Construction

It also incorporates the relevant requirements of HSE guidance documents:

  • HSG47 Avoiding Danger from Underground Services
  • HSG150 Health and Safety in Construction


Achievement of the standard demonstrates effective performance, by being able to demonstrate the following skills and knowledge:

  • Interpret utility drawings and identify symbols and coded information.
  • Ensure all necessary location, marking and site safety provisions have been carried out correctly prior to any excavation work commencing.
  • Identify the dangers and hazards associated with excavations.
  • Select and use safe digging techniques to carry out and maintain excavations.

On Completion

Upon successful completion and achievement of this course, learners will be awarded the EUSR Category 2 Qualification. This is valid for three years and must be renewed at that time.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for both new entrants and existing construction and utility sector workers who are carrying out their roles around utilities and excavating. This will also benefit managers and supervisors who are required to oversee and/or carry out this type of work.

All attendees are required to provide photographic identification prior to attending the course.

Course Duration

The minimum guided learning hours for a EUSR Categories 2: Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices (HSG47) is 1 day.