At Hercules Construction Academy, we understand that learner may require specific needs and a high degree of customisation of their course to meet the standards of the construction industry.

Our Bespoke Industry Courses are designed to do just this, they are programs that are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the industry.

We will work with employers to design programs and accredit where possible.

Please email  with your bespoke industry course requests.

Our offer of bespoke industry courses:

Plant awareness for managers

Vacuum Excavators Remote Tracked unit Awareness

Compliance Testing EUSR refresher

Plant awareness/driving session

Highways specific

On Completion

Depending on the type of course, qualifictaion can vary

Who Should Attend?

This type of course can be attended by anyone as they can be designed for any level of education

Course Duration

The minimum guided learning hours for our bespoke industry courses vary.