In the realm of construction, women compromise just 15% of the workforce out of a total of 2.2 million individuals in the UK alone. While strides towards equality are being made, the industry remains predominantly male dominated, presenting on-going challenges for women. Issues such as lack of recognition, inadequate resources, and PPE, are highlighting the disparity between perception and reality in terms of fairness and equality.


Nevertheless, women across the UK are breaking through longstanding barriers within the construction sector, demonstrating their capability to lead and excel in this field. Let’s hear about Katie’s story.


However, to further encourage female participation in construction, several strategies are imperative:


-Ensuring equitable treatment in terms of wages, job opportunities and access to resources is crucial. Providing properly fitting personal protective equipment tailored for women is essential to mitigate workplace injury risks.

-Promoting diversity in leadership positions by hiring female managers and mentors is vital. The absence of female representation in senior roles can hinder communication and support networks for women in the industry.

-Establishing a safe and inclusive work environment is paramount. This involves a comprehensive training for all employees, including men, in prevent sexual harassment and assault, fostering a culture where women feel respected and valued.

Recent engagement with Michaela Wain, a finalist on The Apprentice in 2017 and the founder of Design and Build UK, underscores progress and potential within the industry.

Micheala Wain, a finalist on the 2017 edition of BBC’s The Apprentice, has since become a highly accomplished entrepreneur in the construction industry. Her remarkable success serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for women pursuing careers in construction.